27 February 2009

 "Learn The Secrets Of Building Your Own Homemade Duct Spinner For Under $50, And It's So Easy My 7 Year Old Daughter Shows You How" 

These step by step instructions will save you HUNDREDS of Dollars...

From: Anthony Blanton
Hood Cleaning Helper

Fellow Greasers,

If you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on fancy duct spinners that work better in theory than they do in a greasy duct, then listen up!

When I first got started cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods I had a hard time getting the bottom half of the ducts clean.  As a newly self-employed hood cleaner, I couldn't afford to spend $300 on a duct spinner that may or may not work as well as the manufacturer's claims.

Cleaning half-way down the duct of the vent a hood system wasn't an option. I knew I needed the proper kitchen hood cleaning equipment, but I was going to have to try an make them instead of purchasing them. 

I'm not exactly a "tool engineer", but necessity breeds ingenuity and after studying the commercial duct cleaning spinners out there, I figured out how to make one...FOR UNDER $50!!! 

If you are one of those people that think they can't build anything, I did this just for you.  To prove how easy it is, I paid my 7 year old daughter a lot of money (because she had just painted her nails) to build this for you on camera.

I quit using my expensive spinner years ago because it only occasionally worked.  When it did work, it spun so fast that very little pressure actually impacted the grease, good for rinsing but not much else.  The homemade spinner is not only inexensive, it actually works.  It doesn't waste it's energy spinning, it gets the pressure where it's needed...on the grease.

Roger Medbery

"About 3 months ago we spent $900 for 3 duct spinners.  I could have saved over $700 with this video.  I have also spent many hours adjusting nozzle sizes and water flow to get ideal cleaning power from my spinners.  This video sums up hours, if not days of tampering and adjusting in just a few short minutes.  What you are doing with these videos is great for members of the KEC industry.  Keep em coming."

Josh Dodson

"Ant shows again that he is serious about putting the best tools and methods in the hands of people."

Alexy Abdo

"Awesome Video!  I usually avoid the do it yourself videos but this one is so easy to follow.  Anthony guides you step by step through the easy building process.  I would recommend this video to anyone who needs a duct spinner."

Kevin Harvey
Kleen Source, Inc.

"Complete How-To Video And/Or Blueprints"

I have compiled all of my hard work and what little brain power I have into a video format and simple PDF Blueprint for your instant delivery even if it's 2 a.m. in the morning.

While a commercial duct spinner sells for around $300, you can learn to build your own with video instructions for $39

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The PDF Blueprint may be all you need if you are mechanically inclined. However, there are some things that you may need to see on video to understand when it comes to building the cage to protect the spinner.

If you think you can tackle the spinner with written instructions alone, you can immediately download them for a mere $25

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Now, if you are like me, you need all the help you can get.  For this reason, I am bundling the video and the Blueprint together.  You can get them both (when bought using the buy now button below, ONLY) for $50.

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With the bundled package you can now watch the video to see how to build the spinner AND print out the instructions and have them in front of you when building your spinner. 

NOTE: If you purchase either format separately, you will NOT receive the discount on the other.  So make sure to get the bundled package if you "think" you'll need it. 

The parts for the duct spinner will come to less than $50 if you use what I suggest.  I am saving you, potentially, over $250.  You will have the knowledge from this point forward to have an unlimited supply of one of the main hood cleaning pieces of equipment used.

If you have several crews and each of them need their own duct spinners, this will pay for itself over and over again. 

Happy Spinning

Anthony Blanton

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